Andy Strachan

Andrew Douglas Strachan (born 20 August 1974) is the drummer of Australian rock band; The Living End.



Andy started drumming at the age of 12, and is self-taught.He graduated year 12 at Aberfoyle Park High School in Adelaide and went on to study Natural Therapies for 3 years. Prior to The Living End, Andy worked in hospitality doing restaurant work.

At age 15, he began playing drums in an Adelaide band called The Runaways, playing covers of mostly '50's and 60's songs - similar to fellow band mates Chris and Scott's previous band named The Runaway Boys. He later moved to Melbourne with mates Paul Inglis and Toby Martin in the band Poxsii Barccs.[citation needed] After appearances on Pot of Gold and Red Faces and a lot of busking the band broke up due to lack of support.[citation needed]Together with John Baxter formerly of Holocene and Denny Brereton he formed Melbourne rock trio Alcotomic 1996. Paul Inglis joined in 1998 and the band folded in 2001 after releasing 1 self titled EP and 2 Singles.

Andy was introduced to The Living End in 2002, after a recommendation by a mutual friend of his and Scott's, upon the departure of previous drummer Travis Demsey. Andy's first feature release with The Living End was the One Said To The Other EP, followed by Modern ARTillery in 2003.

His hobbies include surfing, cooking and the art of coffee making.


Andy's drum kit setup generally stays the same, although the skins appear to change regularly.

  • Pearl Masterworks Series Drums & Zildjian Cymbals:
  • Drums - White Marine Pearl Finish
    • 13x9" Tom
    • 16x16" Floor Tom
    • 18x16" Floor Tom
    • 22x18" Bass Drum
    • 14x6.5" Snare
  • Cymbals - Zildjian
    • 15" K Light Hi Hats
    • 2x 19" A Custom Medium Crash
    • 19" K Custom Hybrid Crash
    • 21" A Sweet Ride
  • Drum Heads - Remo
    • Toms: (13", 16", 18") Coated Emperors (top)
    • Bass Drum: (22") Powerstroke 3 (back)
    • Snare: (14") Emperor-X (top)

He uses Vic Firth drumsticks (size 1A).


  • The correct way to pronounce Andy's last name is "Strakkan", rather than the common pronunciation of "Strawn"
  • Andy started playing drums at age 12, after an unsuccessful stint with the viola for two weeks.
  • He has also played in the bands Social Insecurity, Alcotomic, Violeteen and Pollyanna.
  • Has been introduced by Chris Cheney as "Andy 'Big Balls' Strachan: By name and nature"

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