Grantham (UK Parliament constituency)

Grantham was a Parliamentary constituency in Lincolnshire, England.

The constituency was created in 1468 as a parliamentary borough which elected two Members of Parliament (MPs) to the House of Commons of the Parliament of England until the union with Scotland, and then to the Parliament of Great Britain until the Act of Union 1800 established the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

The parliamentary borough was abolished in 1885, and the name transferred to a new county division which elected one MP. The county constituency was abolished for the 1997 election, and formerly covered by this constituency is now mostly in Sleaford and North Hykeham. Grantham became part of the new parliamentary division of Grantham and Stamford.



The constituency was based on Grantham, a market town on the River Witham.

MPs 1468–1640

MPs 1640–1885

Election First Member First Party Second Member Second Party
November 1640 Thomas Hussey Royalist Henry Pelham Parliamentarian
1641 Sir William Airmine Parliamentarian
December 1648 Pelham excluded in Pride's Purge - seat vacant
1653 Grantham was unrepresented in the Barebones Parliament
1654 William Bury Grantham had only one seat in the First and Second Parliaments of the Protectorate
1656 William Ellys
January 1659 Thomas Skipwith Sir William Ellys
May 1659 Not represented in the restored Rump
April 1660 Thomas Skipwith Sir John Newton
1661 Sir William Thorold
1678 Sir Robert Markham
1679 Sir William Ellys
1685 Thomas Harrington John Thorold
1689 Sir John Brownlow Sir William Ellys
1697 Sir John Thorold
Jan. 1701 Thomas Baptist Manners
Nov. 1701 Richard Ellys
1705 Marquess of Granby
1711 Sir John Thorold
1713 Sir John Brownlow
1715 Edward Rolt John Heathcote
1722 Francis Fisher The Viscount Tyrconnel
1727 Sir Michael Newton
1741 Marquess of Granby
1743 Sir John Cust
1754 Lord George Manners
1770 Francis Cust
1774 Sir Brownlow Cust
1776 Peregrine Cust
1780 Francis Cockayne-Cust George Manners-Sutton
1792 Philip Yorke
1793 Simon Yorke
1802 Thomas Thoroton Sir William Earle Welby
1806 Russell Manners
1807 Sir William Earle Welby
1812 Robert Percy Smith
1818 Edward Cust
March 1820 James Hughes
July 1820 Sir Montague Cholmeley, 1st Bt
1826 Frederick James Tollemache Tory Montague Cholmeley
1830 Glynne Earle Welby Tory/Conservative
1831 James Hughes
1832 Hon. Algernon Gray Tollemache Conservative
1837 Hon. Frederick James Tollemache Conservative
1852 Lord Montagu William Graham Conservative
1857 William Earle Welby Conservative Hon. Frederick James Tollemache Liberal
1865 John Thorold Conservative
1868 by-election Edmund Turnor Conservative
1868 Sir Hugh Cholmeley, Bt Liberal Hon. Frederick James Tollemache Liberal
1874 Henry Cockayne-Cust Conservative
1880 John William Mellor Liberal Charles Savile Roundell Liberal
  • 1885: representation reduced to one member

MPs 1885–1997

Election Member Party
1885 John William Mellor Liberal
1886 William Malcolm Low Conservative
1892 Henry Yarde Buller Lopes Conservative
1900 Arthur Priestley Liberal
1918 Edmund Royds Coalition Conservative
1922 Robert Pattinson Liberal
1923 Victor Warrender Conservative
1942 by-election Denis Kendall Independent
1950 Eric Smith Conservative
1951 Joseph Godber Conservative
1979 Douglas Hogg Conservative
1997 constituency abolished: see Grantham and Stamford


  1. Expelled from the Commons, 1581
  2. Bagenall was also elected for Anglesey, which he chose to represent, and never sat for Grantham

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