Oscar Samson Rodriguez

Oscar S. Rodriguez is the incumbent mayor of San Fernando, Pampanga in the Philippines. He was formerly a member of Lakas-Kampi-CMD but switched to Liberal Party during the 2010 Philippine general elections.

Prior to becoming mayor, Rodriguez sought the Pampanga governorship but lost out to a party colleague.

He is also the representative of 3rd District of Pampanga from 1987–1992 and again from 1995-2004. He authored several laws, including:

  • The Republic Act 8990, an act that converted the Municipality of San Fernando, Pampanga into a component city that is now known as the City of San Fernando
  • The Republic Act 9225, The Dual Citizenship Law providing for overseas Filipinos to participate in political processes
  • The Republic Act 9211, The Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003
  • The Republic Act 9173 which seeks to strengthen the Nursing Profession in the Philippines

He has also authored bills that seeks prohibition of political dynasties, which is very rampant in the Philippines and amendments to the illegal discharge of firearms.[1]

In 2005 he was one of the finalists for World Mayor.[2]


He is married to Dolores Pineda Pabustan, and the father of, namely: Raissa & Wito Bautista, Oscar Jr., Orson & Joy (y Maglalang), Malou & Dindo Caguiat and Omar and the grandfather of Jomo Bautista.

Educational Background

Oscar Rodriguez graduated elementary course in San Pablo Elementary School and is an alumnus of Pampanga High School. Rodriguez began his career in law as a stenographer in Toledano Colleges (now East Central Colleges) before graduating from Pampanga’s Harvardian Colleges with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1969 and with a law degree from Far Eastern University in 1973.