Rodat District

Rodat (Pashto: رودات) is a district in the centre of Nangarhar Province, 25km away from Jalalabad city. Afghanistan, south of Jalalabad. Its population, which is 100% Pashtun, was estimated at 85,000 in 2002, of whom 19,000 were children under 12.[1]

In 2004, parts of Rodat District were separated to form Kot, Chaparhar, and Batikot Districts, but in 2009 people of Hisari Shahi Qarya captured a big flat area and named the place as Shahidano Khargotai.

During Taraki time 1978 Rodat was affected too much as other parts of Ningarhar the puppet regime targeted Rohaneen (Religious and Well-Known white-beards) and at the result 11 well known political and religious figures were taken from Akhunzadgan village including Mirza Haji Matiullah Akhunzada. Major shift was seen during Jihad times and Dr Abdul Wahab Zaheer became famous commander against Russian. He was a well-Known commander of Hizb-i-Islami Gulbudin group.

Rodat district is famous for many things: vegetable oil, woolen shawls factory, farming, pottery and educated people and parliamentarians.

Qazi Qala,Charghary, Batan, Mazina, Zakhil, Piwa, Banda, Tatang, Hisarak, Baroo, Akhunzadgan, Kochi Qala and Kam Baroo are famous villages with a 700-year history. Almost all population belong to Mohmand tribe; one of the biggest tribe of Nangarhar province with further sub-tribes, Hasan Khil, Natha Khil, Shadi Khil and so on.

The district has 5 primary girls and boys schools and two high schools. Ahdat Lycee, a famous higher secondary school of this province, is also located in Rodat. The Sultan Mosque is located in the center of Rodat city.

During the Soviet-Afghan War this district was very much affected and almost 80% of the district was destroyed.

Notable people from Rodat

  • Dr Abdul Wahab Zaheer commander of [Hezbe Islami Gulbuddin]
  • Farzana, Famous Pashto Singer
  • Hazrat Omar Zakhil Wal, Minister of Economic, 2010
  • Fazli Haq Mujaheed ex-commander of Hezbe Islami Gulbuddin
  • Mawlawi Zia-ul-llah Hakimi, Head of Ulama
  • Bahram Khan, had established informal literacy and religious school in the 1920's in Chaghari Village of Rodat District. He reportedly had traveled by walking from Afghanistan to India.
  • Latif Ziyar, M.D., worked for the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan during 1984-89,was active in Jihad in Paktia Province. He is the grandson of Bahram Khan.
  • Mir Atta Moghulzai, M.D., Surgeon, former Faculty and lecturer at Nangarhar Medical School.
  • Sharifullah Khan, M.D., former faculty and lecturer at Nangarhar Medical School.
  • Sarghon Sahand, Ph.D., in Physics from Germany.
  • Momen Khan, owner of Torkham LTD.
  • Ebadullah (tilwar) head of polic department of Nangarahar 2010
  • Dr Rizwanullah (Mama) a famous medical technologist of Nangarhar
  • Haji Ajab Khan, Commander of mujahadeen during Soviet invasion.
  • Abdul Rahman "Mufathesh" an intelectual, a historian and teacher at Ahdad High School, kidnapped and killed in Toor Ragha (Black Desert), by a group of Mujahadeen in the early 80's. He had chosen the name of Ahdad for the High School in Rodat District. According to history Ahdad Khan was the grandson of Pir Rokhan a warrior against the Moghul Empire during 1580-90.
  • Mubarak Shah, a very honest, respectful teacher, gunned down in front of people by a group of Mujahadeen in the early 80's. He carried no weapon, even for his own protection.
  • Master Fazal Ghani, a comedian, entertainer and musician, hunged from a tree and killed brutally by Mujahadeen in the 80's.
  • Abdul Wahid, M.D.
  • Osman Jan a famous elder,politician, affiliated with Weikh Zalmyan (awakened Youth)a progressive movement at the time, killed by communist government in the 80's.
  • Abdul Ghafor Wayand, respectful elderly, former Governor of Kunar Province.
  • Hazrat Baaz a popular singer and entertainer.
  • Abul Aziz Khawri, member of Pushto academy in Kabul also was a member of Weikh Zalmyan movement.


  1. UNHCR District Profile, dated 2002-05-02, accessed 2006-07-20 (PDF)

Haji Zulfiqar Khan cheif of Ali Mohammad Kheel Tribe a welknown natinal face a social sweet cheif.and always stuggled as a sympathist of same district and for ningharhares people in kabul.becuase he passed his 40 years of life in kabul for business. Malak amanullah khan a real hostarical cheif of hisarshahi who in all difficult times gave best assistances to distric counsel and chiefs of the is a reality.